3 Important things you should DO during this COVID-19 Lockdown

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It is true that the world is confused right now due to the Corona Virus Pandemic that has ravaged the world. Global economy has shut down, countries are in confusion, the different continents of the world are trading blames as to who or what caused the COVID 19 pandemic. While these arguments may seem to be relevant in this time, there is need for you as a person to take advantage of this time to build yourself up. This is very important if you want to remain a force to reckon with after the pandemic or you want to come out strong as an entrepreneur, a public figure or an influencer.

In light of the above, there a lot of things that you can do this period to take advantage of the opportunity. While there a bucket list of them I have picked out three to be more paramount. This three are: 1) Self Reflection, 2) Correction 3) Strategize

1)      Self-Reflection.

Perhaps during the times that we were at work, tasks, schedules and deadlines never gave us a chance to look through ourselves and do a soul searching to find out our weaknesses, strengths and aspirations. In a place like Lagos where it is not that easy to wake up a 4.am to navigate the traffic and go to bed at 11.pm. children are there the boss in the office is so demanding and work colleagues are not helping matters at all. Then you see that though the lockdown has been enforced on us, it thus gives us time to do a proper reflection of ourselves. The question now is what do you do, or how do you reflect?  Self-reflection is a process by which you grow your understanding of who you are, what your values are, and why you think and act the way you do.

You can use this opportunity to look at yourself again and evaluate the man or woman that you have become. Evaluate the challenges you must have been through and write down the tactics or schemes that you pulled to make you overcomes. You should also have a list of areas where you were unable to have a breakthrough and write down what factors that made that to be impossible.

During self-reflection, you also need to look at your values. What is important to you? what virtues do you hold so dear to your heart? what do you stand for? Having a clear of understanding of your values will help you to have a proper self-reflection. Another aspect of self-reflection is to understand why you act the way you do. Sometimes you see people say “I am hot tempered” “that is the way I behave”. Sometimes people use these phrases of excuses to hurt other people. So, this a good time to find out why you behave in a certain way.

2)      Correction

This is hard sometimes most especially when you don’t see something wrong in what you are doing. But after an honest self-reflection, you would have seen your areas of weaknesses or shortcomings. You would have spotted mistakes that you have made previously due to pressures from family work and even your personal live. So, this is the time to correct such mistakes. It could be that you do have mood swings which often make people to stay away from you or that you are to vocal making people to see you as always criticising their efforts. It may also be excessive spending or impulse buying which often make your finances to remain unstable. This is the time to correct such things. How do you correct them? You can start by praying to God to give you the strength to overcome, then you seek for help. Sometimes you can call life coaches, or you can go online to read up articles like this that will help you understand yourself and how to overcome, you can read a book or two; you can even watch good movies that will teach you how to manage yourself. You can go on YouTube ands watch video casts of motivational speakers who often itemize was and means which a personal life can be balanced. Whichever way, there is need for you to correct the mistakes that you must have spotted in your life.

3)      Strategize

This implies crafting out ways and means through which you would want to come out strong after the COVID 19 is over. You want people to see a different you, and how do you do that. The best way to do that is to begin to see the pandemic as being over right now. Begin from your house; be nice to your husband or wife, speak gracefully to your children, plan finances with your family, set a budget to cut down excessive spending, see your family members as your work colleagues and begin to treat them in a nice way. When you begin to practice this, you will see that they will become part of you and you will seamlessly go into the workplace after COVID-19 with a new way of life.

There you go, three things you need to do during this COVID-19 lock down. As earlier stated, there are a lot you need to do but I have carefully crunched them in these three aspects which covers self-reflection, corrections and strategizing how you will want to become a better person.


In subsequent articles we will be discussing other aspects of life that affects you as a person. 

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